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Alison Elliott is an artist who was professionally trained at Winchester School of Art and Newcastle Polytechnic. Taking her lead from the old masters, she paints in a classical style utilising tried and tested techniques in oils painting dogs and horses.

Since 2005 Alison has specialised in painting large-scale canvases for maximum visual impact. In particular her equine studies stand out as bold and brave. With an obvious affinity for these majestic animals, she paints from studies made from photographic images. Her paintings of well known thoroughbreds such as Hernando and Lord of Men, evolve by building layers of oil and the use of a traditional glazing technique. The final paintings deliver a grandeur and elegance similar to that of the old masters but with her own contemporary mark. The focus on the horse is emphasised by her simplistic and striking style of 'cut-out'.



All Image © Alison Elliott